Ben Myers

Ben Myers

News Applications Developer

@_benjmyers | github/benjmyers

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Rising Threat: As the climate changes and seas swell, coastal colleges struggle to prepare

Climate change and rising seas pose an unprecedented threat to coastal colleges. I pitched, reported, designed, and developed this in-depth look at how four universities around the country are planning for the years ahead. This presentation was unlike anything The Chronicle had published before, and received positive feedback from the colleges profiled and the scientific community.

MySQL, QGIS and Illustrator for maps, iMovie for drone footage editing, Photoshop, JavaScript for lazyloading and playing video

How Colleges Give Students a Flawed Sense of Living Costs

I reported, designed, and implemented this project which takes a look at cost-of-living estimates generated by colleges. Across the nation, students are often given an innacurate estimate that can have a big impact on their finances and educational outcomes.

R for data analysis, Illustrator for graphics, Leaflet for the slippy map

Title IX Investigation Tracker

I designed and helped implement this website that tracks the Department of Education's investigations into colleges' handling of sexual assault. Users can search, filter, and group investigations by attributes like state and type of complaint. Investigation specifics like documents, details, and links are also available.

Django API and app, Canvas for data visualizations

Chronicle Data

Faculty, staff, and adjunct data for over 4,700 colleges and universities. For the version 2 redesign which was launched in the spring of 2016, I did a full overhaul of the website architecture, design, and visualizations. We also added functionality allowing submission of salaries.

Angular application, Django API, D3 visualizations

In Congress, Even Lawmakers’ Degrees Are a Partisan Issue

For this project, I created a database of lawmakers' educational attainment for the past 25 years. The results were suprising and help to explain the increasingly partisian politics in Congress.

Python for data analysis, D3.js and Chart.js for graphics

Personal Projects

Model Company: An Uncommon Look at the Common Civil War Soldier

Who was the common Civil War soldier? I researched, designed, implemented, and wrote the accompanying article for this project that explores the personal attributes, occupations, and fates of 92 soldiers. An abridged version of this piece was feature in the August 2016 issue of Civil War Times magazine.

Angular for the web application and D3 and Leaflet for data visualizations

Civil War Maps

In preparation for my soon-to-be-released book American Citizen: The Civil War writings of Captain George A. Brooks (non-fiction, Sunbury Press), I created a series of maps showing the route Captain Brooks's regiment, the 46th Pennsylvania Infantry, marched during the Civil War. For these, I did everything from generating a basemap using Digital Elevation Models to creating a Civil War era roads shapefile and geocoding locations relevant to the regiment.

QGIS, Illustrator

Magazine Articles

In the past, I've contributed to Military Images and The Civil War Times magazines.

NYC Ratmap

There are a lot of rats in New York City, and a lot of people complaining about them. This map shows the most recent 311 'Rodent' complaints, updated daily.

Angular, Leaflet

Technical Skills

  • Visualization - D3, Canvas, matplotlib
  • Analysis - Python, pandas, R
  • GIS - TileMill, QGIS, gdal
  • DBs - MySQL, sqlite, MongoDB
  • Basics - JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS/SASS
  • Frameworks - Angular, Django, Flask
  • Tools - Node, NPM, Gulp, Bower
  • Design - UI/UX, wireframing
Everything Else
  • Git
  • Unix/MacOS environments and system admin
  • Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop
  • Past experience with Java, Android, and Arduino
  • Audio recording/mixing
  • Electronics prototyping
  • Writing (journalism/magazines)
  • Research & reporting
  • Project & team management


American University

Washington, DC

B.S. Computer Science & Audio Technology (double major), 2013.